The construction industry association was established in 1994 by representatives of concrete and reinforced concrete factories. The founders formulated the following goals:

– mobilise the efforts of the members of the Association in the production, construction and design of building materials, products and structures;

– promoting new construction materials and products, industrial technologies and know-how, and developing recommendations and rules for the use of products;

– provide advice and methodological assistance to the members of the Association;

– improve the qualifications of managers and professionals;

– collect normative and methodological information and help members to provide it;

– to enable Association members to compete with other undertakings;

– to help establish economic relations with foreign companies and organizations, to develop advertising and to promote commerce;

– represent the interests of the members of the Association in the bodies of state government and management;

– to participate in national and international exhibitions and to promote the participation of members in every way; to participate in the standardisation and certification of construction products, to assist members in the implementation of EU normative technical requirements;

– participate in the preparation of draft regulatory technical documents for construction, building materials and products for the institutions of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and initiate the preparation of these projects;

– to coordinate the activities of the members of the association in the Technical Committees on Standards, taking part in the coordination and voting procedures of draft EU normative documentation.

Main production and services of association members:

Mixtures of concrete and mortar.

Concrete and reinforced concrete products for buildings, structures, engineering communications, roads, bridges for streets and environmental management works.

Products of reinforcing steel.


Fillers for concrete mixtures and road construction (sand, pebbles, rubble).

Asphalt concrete.

Polystyrene foam for insulation of buildings.

Transportation of concrete mixtures and products, design of building parts, construction and installation work.

Testing of concrete, mixtures, cement, concrete and reinforced concrete products.

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